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Teach for PROMISE Cyber School!

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PROMISE Cyber School connects students and teachers all around the world through face-to-face, real-time and interactive Cyber Readers Clubs for English language training. Our goals are to nurture reading habits, build critical thinking skills, help families spend more time together, and promote excellent education at an affordable price for every student.

Most of our students attend Korea’s rural elementary schools , and they have been unable to receive quality English language training from native English speaking teachers. But thanks to 21st century technology and dedicated teachers, now they can!

Our teachers, using their own computers, teach a small group of students usually in the evening or early morning out of their own residence.

Also, if you are interested in moving to Korea to teach we have one position open in Korea: For more information click here

The following positions are open now:

Increasing pay scale
Great resume experience
Chance to work as managers for part- or full time
State or TESOL certification
A broadband Internet connection, modern personal computer and a webcam
Native Speaker of English

The following positions are open:

Virtual Class Teacher for Korean Schools
Days: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

We are currently hiring for the following times:

2:00-2:50AM EST
3:00-3:50AM EST
4:00-4:50AM EST
5:00-5:50AM EST